Interviews with R Community


Jeroen Ooms (OpenCPU)

Christian (Statace)

Ian Fellows (Deducer)

Jeff Allen (Trestle)

Gergely Darcozi (RApporter)



John Myles White , Machine Learning for Hackers

Rob Kabacoff, Quick-R

Luis Torgo Author Data Mining with R

John Fox, R Commander GUI

Dr Graham Williams RATTLE GUI

Hadley Wickham ,GGPLOT2

Bob Muenchen, R for SAS and SPSS Users

Bob Muenchen, R for Stata Users

Software Vendors (10)

JJ Allaire ,R Studio

Kelci Miclaus, SAS Institute

Michal Kosinski , Concerto

Alvaro Tejada Galindo, SAP Labs Montreal, Using SAP Hana with R

Jason Kuo SAP Analytics

Interview David Katz ,Dataspora /David Katz Consulting

Q&A with David Smith, Revolution Analytics

Inference for R

David Smith Revolution Computing

Richard Schultz Revolution Computing

Karime Chine, Elastic R